Loopholes Wall White Shelves

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Product Description

Loopholes Wall White Shelves is the start of a challenging project to continuously adapt designs to the needs of each. The potential of the Loopholes Wall White Shelves is unlimited in many different ways, in use, in style. To launch the project we bring a standard pack that consists out of a standard grid and some universal tools.. Thereafter the fun begins. The possibilities go as far as your own imagination. To assist you in composing your Loopholes Wall White Shelves, we will constantly design new tools, of witch some only in limited batches. The good part is, you can change its use and style, any time. Our mission is to deliver you the right tools, imagined by us. We share the potential of a Loopholes Wall White Shelves, feel free to do the same. A Loophole fits everywhere, from kitchen to bathroom, from office to garden and many more. Surprise us by going beyond our expectations.

How Its Made

The standard grid of Loopholes Wall White Shelves is made of stainless steel rod, measures 86 cm wide x 60 cm high and is available in black and white. It comes with 2 small and 1 medium white coated steel container, 3 white coated steel hooks and a shelf in birch wood. Hereafter the stage is yours. You can create your own loophole by adding continuously new tools, proposed by us or why not constructed by yourself. Play with color, material, and objects. The options are limitless. As our name suggests, Atelier Belge is a Belgian company. To stimulate the local economy and with an eye on our environment, we are proud to say that Loopholes Wall White Shelves is completely produced in Belgium and made from the best materials available on the market. Enjoy!

Dimensions 60 x 86 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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  1. andre

    welke applicaties zijn er? en kun je die kiezen als je een loophole besteld?