LUNEdot endless candle/candelabra concept – Grey

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Product Description

LUNE. is a thing you thought you knew; a reinvention of pure candle light by adding an unique (patented technique) twist. LUNE. is an unending candle, simple and original yet though and (Dutch) design. Forget the hassle of melting a candle before it stays upright in a candleholder. And never buy another candle that becomes a sad little stump minutes after you’ve lit it. You can simply put/click candles by LUNE. on the matching candleholder using the magnetic underside, without ever burning your fingers again. And thanks to the smart technique of this modular concept your candle seemingly never burns out. Those who have been looking for a candle that would always keep its glowing charm have constantly been disappointed. 
LUNE. heralds a new trend. Not with plastic replicas or flickering LED lights, but with real candles and real candlelight. Our candles are a must-have for fans of classic candles with a modern design. LUNE. breathes new life into the classic candle. Our collection consists of candles in various colors and made out of different materials. Our colorful and eye-catching range is classic, sustainable and robust, but also surprisingly cheeky.

How Its Made

LUNE. is all traditionally manufactured, the metal work is shaped, (laser) burned and powdercoated in Breda. The vegetal candles are manufactured by Bredase Kaarsenfabriek. Material: Candelabra: Powdercoated Steel Tube: Powdercoated Aluminium Dimension: Tube: Lenght 20 cm dia 2,2 cm Base plate: Ø10 cm

Weight N/A
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 20 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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