Marble Lapses Coasters

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Product Description

Coasters made from luxurious greek white marble. They come illustrated with digital prints and finished with soluble glass coating. Those coasters are fun, colorful souvenirs from Greece, refering to the greek summer, scenery and tales. White marble is the precious characteristic material of the greek sculptures. The illustrations are collages narrating stories inspired from Greece, a country full of sun,history and culture. Summer happiness, theater, seasonal olive picking and the mermaid tale are some of the themes illustrated. A beautiful original set of coasters for your coffee table that is also a luxurious and artistic souvenir. They can even also be used as tiles on your wall, or a decorative art piece for your bookshelf. They come in a full set of six or you can order the number and designs of your choice.

How Its Made

Those coasters are 10x10cm luxurious white marble pieces from the island of Thassos. The six digital collages are artworks I made on my studio, inspired by the greek summer, scenery and tales. Artowrks are printed in glossy vinyl sticker. Top coating with soluble glass for protection of the surface and temperature resistance. They come carefully packaged in a box of six or you pick just your favorites. You can see all six illustrations seperately in the description images, just note your preference in your order. All coasters come with protective silicones stickers under the corners.

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