Miroir Cru

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Presentation : Like many stories the collection “CRU“ begins with a meeting. Ludovic Falédam, founder of Barbadine Design and the Josse company, a French company of living heritage. The designer comes into contact with them because he wants to work with raw earth. “I wanted to highlight the clay brick which is both a very old material and which paradoxically appears today as an alternative for tomorrow because of its unique thermal properties as well as the small amount of energy that demands its production.“ Josse’s team then presents his “argibriques“, which will give birth to the series of “Mi-cuits“, and his wine racks in clay, the “argicrus“. It is from these latter that he will imagine the series “CRU“ with a very crude sculptural style. The earth: craft, rough and imperfect is magnified by the perfection of industrial aluminium. Primitive geometrical objects were born from this union of opposites. “I wanted something brutal, wild for this collection. Some objects with proportions that evoke raw art or voodoo without falling into the caricature.“ A mirror,a table lamp and a floor lamp are currently available and should soon be joined by other contemporary totems. Barbadine Design here signs not a barbaric collection but a tartare one that already envelops us.

How Its Made

Hand Made in France

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 x 13 x 60 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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