Miroir Mi-Cuit

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Ingredients: 6,5 kg of clay /450 gr of copper / 40 gr of glass / 2,5 m of coral cable / 1 Zest of poetry / 1 Tour of elbow grease / 1 Pinch of love. Recipe :In some gross clay grind two identical bricks and let dry on one year. Place the first one to be cooked in 1000°C during 24 hours. Go out of the oven and let cool. Meanwhile, coat the second one of hand cut and polished copper pieces. Then, arrange this brick of raw soil with copper on top of the terra-cotta one. Finally, icing on the cake, surmount the whole of a globe of opal glass. Water with a tour of elbow grease, add a zest of poetry and sprinkle with love and you obtain a « mi-cuit » : the last lamp concocted for you by barbadine design. A greed to be tasted with eyes ! Story :At the origin of these “mi-cuit“ a desire : “I wanted to highlight the brick of raw soil which is at the same time a very old material and which paradoxically appears as an alternative for tomorrow, due to its unique thermal properties as well as the small quantity of energy engaged for their production“ says Ludovic FALEDAM, the designer of the project. So he called out to the company Josse : French company of the alive heritage and its exceptional know-how, which proposed him their bricks with a singular form. It is from this raw material that he decides to work. “I liked the idea to divert building materials to transform them from the size of a building into the one of the object. These “mi-cuit“ are in a way nano architectures.“ As for the construction of a building he uses existing standardized materials to create a new form. He resumes to this end the constructive system of the walls of the company Josse which recommends the cooked brick (for the foundations) topped with bricks in raw soil. Then he uses the holes of the passages of cable to fix brass tubes. Usually used in plumbing to transport the water, they lead here the electricity up to a bright bubble which seems to escape from a fireplace. “To divert these materials of their first function allows to concern them a new look. Here we put in light something that we generally tend to hide: the structure of walls, the passages of cables or the piping. So I hope to revalue these materials and the know-how which accompanies them.“ We obtain from this original recipe a hard and tender, raw and delicate lamp. Raw due to its materials left as they stand and delicate thanks to the care brought to the assembly as well as to its warm cameo of color. A new creation which without doubt will delight your pupils and those of your guests !

How Its Made

Hand Made in france

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 28 x 10 x 48 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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