Mrs. Fantasia Floor Lamp

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Product Description

A pacific occupation of our homes is starting to take place. Things stolen from our daily life to create different objects. To support itself, the family of “Fantasia” lamps steals the brooms from the storage closet, greens from our food reserves, screwdrivers from our home tool box and anything else that comes under its control. The ‘stolen’ items are used to support the structure, offering multiple insertion options for the legs of the lamp. The Mrs. Fantasia Floor Lamp isn’t nearly as menacing, but they do possess some magic in the way that they can turn nearly any baton-shaped item into a standing lamp.

How Its Made

The white light bulb stands are 3-D printed out of a biodegradable polymer material (PLA). The sockets – compatible with basic E27 light bulbs – split off into three equally short tubes that slip onto the chosen found objects or onto the three beech wooden legs with which they are provided. All the Mrs. Fantasia Floor Lamp are made in Italy.

Dimensions 50 x 50 x 120 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Comments and Questions

  1. Lindsey Trella

    Hello, Can you put a shade on this? I suppose you would need to purchase that metal piece but is there a place to affix?

  2. Tanya Docheva

    Hello Lapo, can you ship to Switzerland too? If yes. please advice on price and lead time. Thanks.

    • Lapo

      Hi Tanya, yes we can ship to Switzerland. We’ve updated the shipping information.
      Best. Lapo

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