Mushroom Wooden Pendant Lamp


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Product Description

The harmonious intersecting lines of latitude of longitude in this piece set against the more industrial effect of the naked light bulb, creates a blend of earthy yet sophisticated harmony perfect as a centre piece for any room. The Mushroom Wooden Pendant Lamp will transforms any space.

How Its Made

The Hemmesphere lighting range, from Massow designs, takes beautifully crafted and sculpted wood, offset against the industrial feel of a bare light- bulb, to make this statement piece lighting range. The design goes further than the fitting its self by creating unique shadows which can give any room a one of a kind feel with a warm and fulfilling glow. Taking Japanese influences, the lamps are designed to be peaceful by using very clean lines and brilliant craftsmanship. As very tactile pieces, they bring a brilliant energy into any space

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40.5 x 34 x 40.5 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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Sold by Massow Design

Comments and Questions

  1. david sommer

    Hello Vanessa

    The lightbulb is changed by removing the metal plate that holds it from where the cable goes into the shade. The metal plate is held on by two screws so it is very easy

  2. Vanessa Mikoleit (verified owner)

    The lamp looks really nice but:
    How it is possible to put the light bulb in it because the diameter of the little whole on the top of the lamp is too small for a common bulb. I had to put a special small energy saving lamp in it. And if the lamp is installed how can i change the light bulb?
    It seemed to be that i have to remove the whole lamp and open it with a screwdriver from above. There is no possibility to open the hemmisphere from below.

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