Myllymäki Multifunctional Design

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Product Description

Myllymäki Multifunctional Design is a modular piece of design. It consists of four pieces: a radio, a lamp, a mirror and a magazine stand. Combine them to your liking. Place Myllymäki Multifunctional Design on a table, window sill or on a surface of your choice.

How Its Made

Myllymäki Multifunctional Design is made in wood workshop + hands + tools + vision. Using Finnish birch as a base element, Myllymäki Multifunctional Design is assembled from materials like mirror, acrylic, plywood and aluminium. The Radio uses 9V DC power source. The Lamp has a LED panel inside that uses 12V DC power.

Dimensions 20 x 74 x 48 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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