Myosotis Magnetic Notice Board

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Product Description

The Myosotis Magnetic Notice Board is designed to help keep a little more order in today’s busy society. Made by craftsmen in the Steel City, Sheffield, UK, each board is manufactured, by cutting and folding the steel to the required dimensions with the front lip and brass hanger providing the ideal space for your keys, wallet or any other important items. The boards are produced in small batches and come with three golden spherical magnets to get you started and to help store your notes, keepsakes and important documents safe in one place.

How Its Made

Each Myosotis Magnetic Notice Board is laser-cut from mild steel before being folded and powder-coated by local craftsmen within a one mile radius of our studio. We also have brass lathe turned key hangers made on our doorstep. once all components are complete, they are shipped to our studio where they are quality-checked, packed and dispatched to your door.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 x 3.5 x 38 cm(Length x Width x Height)

Product Type

Sold by Psalt Design

Comments and Questions

  1. Lorena Rivera Leon

    Hello. Do you deliver also in Switzerland?

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