Necklace Arrowpoint – Silver and blue/grey Ceramic

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Product Description

This unique necklace is handmade in my atelier in Amsterdam. The materials used are silver and stone ware ceramic. The Size of the arrow is approximately height 3,5 cm x width 1.5 cm. The silver necklace is around 0.9 mm and the length is 42 cm. The ceramic part I shape by hand which makes them unique and slightly different from each other. Please contact me for personal wishes, choosing red, yellow or white gold is also possible.

How Its Made

About the Design and Inspiration: ARROW POINT – In my art installations I first started using the throwing spear as a reference to the Paleolithic era. I was questioning how far we as humans have evolved since and whether the ancient lifestyle and knowledge like for example the diet of the gather and hunter people better fits to our body than our current food advise does. I found it fascinating that people tried to resemble the diet from that era based on the idea that our body has not sufficiently evolved to eat the contemporary food. Following my curiosity I decided to test this diet on myself as part of my research and I was impressed by the positive results. However, as I feel more affiliated by a more vegetarian lifestyle for social reasons, I stopped following the Paleo diet but I did keep the element spearhead from the Paleolithic era in my artistic language. Notably as a question mark: where do we stand today? And to which extent are we still connected to our “primitive” roots? After the era of the gather and hunter people the stone age followed into the bronze age. If you look at objects from these two eras what find back the most are often spearheads. For me the spearhead is a strong symbol: after the invention of bronze one of the first objects people started making with this new material was this weapon. From the same time many jewelry objects are found back. These objects belong to the first handcrafted objects the human started making. And confronted with the increase of primitive ideas in our society it seemed only natural to have the spearhead appearing back on my workbench.

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Dimensions 42 x 1.5 x 3.5 cm(Length x Width x Height)



Sold by Femke Woltering

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