PELICAN Wood Shelves Collection Walnut

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Product Description

Close your eyes and imagine a flock of pelicans in flight over the ocean, capable of fishing with their big bag who have on the bottom of its long beak. PELICAN Wood Shelves Collection is inspired by this bird and it uses a palette of colors obtained from the environment of this bird. PELICAN Wood Shelves Collection is a handmade versatile wall organizer that adapts to every environment and allows us to store or hang our everyday objects. Wood structure acts as a container and metal sheet acts as a wall hanger, with two hidden hooks, available in 2 sizes and 4 finishes. DIMENSIONS: – Pelican S: Shelf: 320x150x100mm (.70kg) Box: 310x230x130mm (1.2kg) – Pelican M: Shelf: 440x150x100mm (.85kg) Box: 440x240x130mm (1.4kg) – Pelican L: Shelf: 560x150x100mm (1.1kg) Box: 570x250x130mm (1.6kg)

How Its Made

PELICAN Wood Shelves Collection is mainly made of wood, which is a material of vegetable origin, and therefore, biodegradable. As well as wood, we use to a lesser extent other materials such as leather, natural textile, metals, etc. All wood used is from a sustainable origin, which certifies that in its extraction, the environment has been respected, guaranteeing the future of our forests. PRODUCTION Production is mainly by hand, so energy consumption and generation of waste are minimal.

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Comments and Questions

  1. Barbara (verified owner)

    Hi there!
    I already orderes this product about two weeks ago. It is beautiful! So I wanted to order another piece but unfortunately the order placement does not seem to work..
    Can you help? Regrds, Barbara

    • woodendot_

      Hello Barbara,

      First of all, thank you for your purchase, we are happy that you like your products. We tried to purchase through Crowdyhouse and it seems to be ok, what is exactly the problem? Please, try again and if you can not purchase it contact to the crowdy house team.

      Daniel García

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