Pia – a Kitchen Shelf – Gunmetal finished


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Product Description

Pia – a Kitchen Shelf – Gunmetal finished. In his design ‘Pia’, Sebastian Däschle plays with the two components ‘functionality’ and ‘aesthetics of the everyday’. Standard-size screw-top glass-jars can be put into the kitchen shelf, yet rearranged in many different ways. The contents are presented in a clear way, are easily and practically used and at the same time ideally preserved. The diversity, structures, colours and surfaces of the food contents shape and compose the design in an individual fashion. Gunmetal-finished: we love the industrial aesthetics Pictures subject to change

How Its Made

Pia – a Kitchen Shelf – Gunmetal finished Material: European oak, stainless steel, cork, glass Screw-top glass-jars: 9 pieces in standard-sizes TO66 and TO82 Measurements: 600*177*155 mm Foto: Alexander Esslinger Design: Sebastian Däschle Production: dua Year: 2016; gunmetal-finished version Delivery contents 1x Pia, a kitchen shelf (preassembled) 9 screw-top glass – jars in standard-sizes TO 82 (such as 186 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml, 435 ml) and TO 66 (such as 125 ml, 167 ml, 240 ml, 277 ml) 2 x stainless steel screws, 2 x dowels (fastening material) 1 x cork mat – preassembled with the kitchen shelf to seal the jars air tight. pictures subject to change

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 x 18 x 16 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Comments and Questions

  1. Jan

    Hi Alexander, great! Many thanks for your swift reply. I will just have to wait then a few more days.. Could you give me a heads up as soon as the project is live on Crowdyhouse? You can send me an email to jandeleeuw100@hotmail.com. That would be sincerely appreciated!


  2. Jan

    Hi, I can’t wait to order the Pia gunmetal design! When is it coming live? Let me be the first 🙂

    Oh, and more importantly, is the content of the jar “sealed” when you lock them into the shelf?

    Let me know 🙂


    • Alexander

      Hi Jan,many thanks for your message. We going live within this week with the gunmetal version of PIA a kitchen shelf! Yes – the jars are sealed when you lock them into the shelf. We integrated cork to seal the jars and to protect the contents from dirt an odors. Would be fantastic to see you as our new client and one of the first owners of the NEW Pia gunmetal version.

    • Alexander

      Thank you! Alexander

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