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Pion Cardboard Bed & Side Table with Coloured Felt Top

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Product Description

The Pion Cardboard Bed & Side Table is a functional piece of furniture, essential in all rooms of the house. It’s a bedside table for in bedrooms, a low table for the living room or a stool for sitting. The table has a large top and a stable base while keeping a slim shape. It is made from recycled cardboard, in three different colours: natural, white and black. The all-wool felt top has a double sides with different colours: “chianti” red and rose pink, cream and wool brown, dark blue and grey. At any time, by turning the top felted, you can change colour. The shape of the Pion Cardboard Side Table reminds of a pawn, a funny design for every room in the house. Available in natural, white or black cardboard structure and natural coloured felt top.

How Its Made

The Pion Cardboard Bed & Side Table has a structure made with circular layers of honeycomb cardboard, assembled with vegetal based glue. Honeycomb cardboard is recyclable and is produced using recycled paper. The natural felt top is separable from the cardboard structure. Felt is made by fulling wool, a natural process that only uses hot water and steam, without adhesives and primers. Felt cleans itself, thanks to lanolin that is the natural fat of the wool. In other cases you can just brush it with mild soap and water. The imperfections of the felt are not to be considered as defective but guarantee the craftsmanship in all phases.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 38 x 38 x 42 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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    Do you ship to US?

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    Hi Anne-Claire, thank you! Miaooooo

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    Really nice! I like the two cats: Miaow 😉

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