Popheart Heart-shaped Pouf

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Product Description

Popheart Heart-shaped Pouf is the pouf that turns into a comfortable seat. Pop/classic, it’s an original touch that it’s easy to integrate into any interior and outdoor living space. When it’s open the ergonomic seat provides you with a warm embrace, amazingly snug and stable like an armchair The heart, romantic and timeless icon warms and awakens emotions in every corner of your house. The craft production of small series still allows to pay attention to every detail, choosing the right material and to customize the product’s size .

How Its Made

Popheart Heart-shaped Pouf is made with water-repellent italian fabric and it’s provided by a double security zip, filled by recycled EPS beads, shape memory. The high-grade TempotestHome® italian fabrics, thanks to the innovative finishing Teflon Extreme by Para, are water and oil repellent, resistant to mould, stains, salt and U.V. fading all while remaining soft and pleasant to touch like natural-fibre fabrics. TempotestHome® is guaranteed 6 years against loss of colour and tenacity due to normal weather conditions. Composition: outdoor acrylic fibre. Easy to clean with lukewarm water and neutral soap.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 150 x 130 x 1 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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Sold by design Inmovimento

Comments and Questions

  1. tim@ihearmusic.com

    Wonderful creativity and imagination! To reduce shipping costs to Australia, could you remove all of the beans before shipping to Australia? I will then purchase beans in Australia to fill.

    • Federica Felisatti

      Hi, thank you very much and I apologize for the wait.

      Unfortunately, bulky shipping is very expensive, this idea could be a solution, that I had already thought of doing after I received your request and I will be happy to be able to satisfy you in this way.

      I have seen at this moment unfortunately the announce that CROWDYHOUSE will be shutting down.

      Now if you want, you can buy only the cover on my store, I change only the price of this beanbag because now Crowdyhouse don’t give the possibility for new orders, so you can proceed directly to the order from here.
      The price including shipping to Australia is 409€
      For anything questions and how to fill the pouf, you can write me directly to my email: designinmovimento@gmail.com
      (You can see others images that I have update for the cover).

      Kind Regards

      Federica Felisatti

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