Poster. Items of questionable value: limestone coin sample°2

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Product Description

With its sleek minimalist design, this elegant looking art poster is well befitting in any modern home. A piece that offers critical thought and awareness. Part of a larger series titled Items of questionable value. Limestone coin depicts stone money from the Micronesian island Yap. The limestone was sourced for its beauty and carved into large discs that required strength of many to lift and move. The monetary system they belong to relied on records of ownership so the coins would stay put and retain their value within the system regardless of where they were located. The currency suffered inflation when modern equipment made it easier to source the rocks. Sold unframed. A certificate with label, title, number and hand signed by artist attached to backside of poster.

How Its Made

Digital collage with halftone optical effect. Giclée print on 180g quality paper.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A(Length x Width x Height)

Product Type

Sold by Studio Mëgādešk

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