Pouf Bold Amplifier

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Product Description

With the Pouf Bold Amplifier, Ecotono wanted to create a funny product but also elegant as all the other items of the collection. It is a portable pouf which wants to be a reminder of the famous Marshall amplifier. It is portable thanks to the rechargeable battery and to the Bluetooth connection, and it is perfect to create comfortable, funny and simply situation at home. Thanks to the speaker function it is an excellent object for every location.

How Its Made

Pouf Bold Amplifier is made by Ecotono. Ecotono wants to bring the design furniture and the lighting to the “smart era”. The concept grows up from the awareness that in the world of design there’s a sort of lack of usability. We all have smartphones and other smart objects, but we cannot use them contextually with our home furnishing for example.


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Comments and Questions

  1. Mark Studholme

    What a super cool pair of speakers @

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