Profit! The Entrepreneurship Game

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Product Description

Profit! The Entrepreneurship Game: Profit! is a game for young entrepreneurs of all ages. Profit! has been successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter and is now available on Crowdyhouse. Get your copy of Profit! now and start playing with your friends, family and classmates. About the Game When you think about games and entrepreneurship, Monopoly might come to mind. Profit! is exactly the opposite. Profit! is: – A card game that is played with 54 cards (31 different designs) – Played with 2-5 players aged 8 and up – The coolest way to learn about entrepreneurship – Played in 10-15 minutes and exciting till the end How it Works Everyone can learn to play Profit! It’s designed to be a fast and fun game. Each game takes 10-15 minutes. The player with the most profitable stores wins the game. To start the game each player draws three cards. The player who says ENTREPRENEURSHIP first begins. Players draw a card before each turn. During a turn you can play one card. Play one of your cards to do one of the following things: – Open a store – Upgrade a store – Block other player(s) – Win a store on the open market Besides that you can use your turn to trade cards with other players. You can choose to make a public or private trade. The game ends when all cards are drawn or when one of the players has four open stores. The player with the most points wins the game. During our tests in classrooms we found that young players love to collaborate and help other players. Whilst playing with our own friends (aged 30 years and older) we witnessed brutal competition. It goes to show that Profit! can be played in many different ways. Play the game and you’ll discover your entrepreneurial style! About the Creators We are Tom Rovers and Thomas Meddens. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and share a common passion for entrepreneurship. We started our first company (a museum) when we were 8 years old and have not stopped since. In 2008 we founded our company Tom & Thomas. Our mission is to teach others how they can be a bit more entrepreneurial in their daily lives. We have developed learning materials, spoke on TEDx and taught entrepreneurship in classrooms throughout the country. Thomas currently works as a Grade 3/4 classroom teacher at an International Primary School. Tom is working on innovative technology projects out of The Prototype Hotel. We want our game to appeal to different age groups. This began with adhering to the Dutch Design tradition. This tradition is all about making it simple, beautiful and a little bit quirky. Talitha Driessen worked with us to create Profit! by drawing hipsters, tourists, flagship stores, creative directors and helipads. Talitha works for BVBZ (Bureau of Image Affairs) and is an expert when it comes to telling stories using drawings. Let her artwork speak for itself! Education All fun and games aside, we have created Profit! to help others become a bit more entrepreneurial. This is why Profit! comes with an educational E-book in which we explain the ideas behind the game. This E-book is perfect for starting conversations about entrepreneurship with your family or in your classroom. In the book we give simple answers to questions such as: – Why does a Flagship Store boost brand value? – What happens when Hipsters or Celebrities visit your store? – Do successful entrepreneurs face more competition? Language Profit! is available in English and Dutch. By default we ship English games to addresses outside of The Netherlands and Dutch ones to addresses in The Netherlands. Do you have a different preference? Please let us know. Start Playing! The fastest way to become an entrepreneur is to simply start doing it. The same goes for Profit! Get the game and start playing. You can always e-mail us if you have questions or ideas.

How Its Made

Our product has been designed and produced locally in The Netherlands. To limit our environmental impact we’ve printed on FSC paper and compensated CO2 emissions.

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