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Product Description

FREE SHIPPING within Europe, USA & Canada! Rijks is a special watch in our collection. Named after a place in Amsterdam where you can travel through time endlessly: The Rijksmuseum. Never before we brought so many materials and elements together in one watch. The stainless steel case is laid in with Walnut wood en forms an extraordinary whole along with the green and silver accents. DETAILS: Stainless steel case | Strap made of matt silver mesh | Dial is dark metallic green with silver accents and red second hand | 3 integrated clockworks for hours, seconds and date | Chronographic Quartz Seiko clockwork | Diameter case: 44 mm | Height case: 12 mm | Band width: 20 mm | Movement of Seiko | Adjustable strap | Waterproof up to 50m (5ATM) | Weight of 140 grams | 1 year warranty.

How Its Made

RIJKS – SILVER WALNUT: Rijks is the most extraordinary watch in our collection. Never before we developed a watch where the quality of the metal and the finesse of wood work together so well. Rijks is named after a place in Amsterdam where you can go far back in time through the finest art pieces of the Netherlands: The Rijksmuseum. It enables us to travel through time. Time that ticks endlessly and never stops. Our appreciation towards this special place is shown by the design of the watch. A work of art with pieces that work together and live around your wrist. Rijks has a silver steel wristband which connects perfectly with the luxurious presentation of this watch. It’s a unique design in which two materials come together and complement each other. The case is laid in with Walnut which contrasts with the metallic green dial. In the middle of the watch the second hand forms the common thread. The combination of the dark Walnut ring and the green silver colours give this watch a robust and durable look. A class of its own in the world of time pieces. The wristband of the watch is easy to adjust because of its built-in click system easy to adjust and suitable on every wrist. If you have difficulties adjusting the wristband, we advice you to ask a local jeweller to do it for you. This watch ensures you a stylish look any time of the day.

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Sold by TWO-O Design & Craftsmanship

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