S and L Concrete Ceiling Lamp

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Product Description

S and L Concrete Ceiling Lamp is a cast concrete ceiling lamp, with natural beech wooden top, funnel type. Includes a metallic colored lamp socket. Fabric natural cotton or burlap braided cable (upon order: any color). For indoors use only. Based on Stereometry, Solid and Lathed* series of products i quest the diversity and variety of 3d forms, that materialize by the rotation of 2d curves and lines, around an axis. The bare construction materials, wood and metal, deliberately betray their origins, as a key part of the products’ aesthetic quality. Objects are made of simple materials and creative design, to derive a contemporary disposal.

How Its Made

S and L Concrete Ceiling Lamp is a Solid & Lathed* product. Solid & Lathed* products are casted in silicon moulds and assembled in our studio. All wooden parts are made of massif beech wood, and lathed mechanically by collaborated manufacturers. All the materials and parts used to make these products, are CE certified by its manufacturer.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 30 cm(Length x Width x Height)



Product Type

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Comments and Questions

  1. Beatriz López Hernández

    Hello, we really like your lamp but we have a question about it.
    In the pictures you cannot see the ceiling cap. Is there any element to cover the cable joints?
    Many thanks for your help.

    • 157+173designers


      Yes there is a rose to cover the ceiling cables, its diameter is 10cm , and it is made of cork. Here you can see a picture of it, sorry for the not professional picture, we are currently on holiday and this is the best I could find to send you.

      I hope I was helpful, for anything else please contact us again.

      Kind regards

      157+173 designers

  2. Janine Benjamins

    Is this lamp coming back? I like it very much, but had to save money to be able to buy it. Now I find that I might have waited too long? Please tell me you will be selling it again!!!

    • 157+173designers

      Hello Janine ,

      Thank you for your interest for our products.
      All of our products will be back on sale on September, they are temporarily paused as our studio is closed for summer holidays.
      Please wait until September, and then place your order !

      Kind regards,

  3. Janine

    can you please confirm the connection to the ceiling, is there a rose and are we able to shorten if necessary. thanks

    • 157+173designers

      Hello,thank you for your question
      There is no special connection to the ceiling. The cable has 2 wires, and you connect each wire to the ones that are supplied on your roof with a plastic terminal. You are able to shorten the cable, all you need to do is stick a masking tape around the cable on the spot you need to cut, and then use scissors or pliers to cut. Be careful to cut IN THE MIDDLE of the tape, to prevent the cable from frazzling.
      There is a small rose made out of cork, with a dimeter of 7 cm and a height of 3 cm.
      We hope that was useful.

      Best regards.

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