S_Enso Wall Clock Magnetic Board

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Product Description

S_Enso Wall Clock’s name comes from “Enso” that means circle. Enso is the most common subject in Japanese calligraphy. Often, the graphic is accompanied by a phrase that explains the meaning. For many calligraphers drawing an Enso is a daily practice, binding the emotions and desires to the moment,  creating an empty space where to find oneself. Our daily life is frantic, accentuated by a time that seems to escape. S_Enso Metal Clock wants to “stop time”. Through S_Enso we exercise control over our time, and we can stop and give some “meaning” to every day.

How Its Made

S_Enso Wall Clock is serigraphed on a metal panel.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 50 x 2 x 50 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Sold by Carmine Sessa

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