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Product Description

Original creation by DANUB, inspired by the houses of Greenland and the Lofoten Islands. Scandinavian Wood houses bring color and can be use as decorations and toys. The houses are stackable to compose new architecture. Scandinavian Wood Houses have are protected by a wax finish and are available in a range of colors.

How Its Made

These tiny Wooden Houses are handmade in FRANCE. We attaches a very special attention to the production process. We have opted for a local artisanal and eco-friendly model by using noble materials (no glue) and eco-certified materials. Our creations are shaped and silk-printed in our workshop close to Paris. Solid linden wood from the French Alps is used for the houses and each one are silk-printed on the 4 faces (2 colors per faces)! Material : solid lime wood / Eco-certified : « Wood from Alps » / Ink : Certification Toy Standard 71-3 / Finiton : natural wax / Produced in FRANCE

Weight 0.06 kg
Length 5 cm
Width 5 cm
Height 5 cm
Colour Blue | Green | Red | Yellow
Material Eco Paints | Wax | Wood
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