Sheepad Felt Coasters Set

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Product Description

This Sheepad Felt Coasters Set will protect all your tables, countertops and furniture from stains and heat mark rings caused by coffee mugs, drink glasses, plates and other hot or cold containers. This design won its first prize in the first National Challenge „Zaprojektuj Dobrą Rzecz” 2012. It is original and functional, technically simple, eco friendly and can be produced in communal type of business. Sheepad Felt Coasters Set is not only about work. It evokes positive emotions, it is also witty, cheerful and easily makes functional and funny gift. Sheepad brings to your home décor warmth and originality in small, artsy package. It is impossible not to like it. It catches attention, brings giggles and of course could be this perfect conversation starter. Designer of Sheepad Felt Coasters Set is Aleksandra Michałowska.

How Its Made

The Wel­lDo­ne® products, ma­nu­fac­tu­red by the ”Being To­ge­the­r” Foundation, made from natural ma­te­rials, simple, witty and in­tel­li­gent are not only very useful but are also the perfect gifts. They were designed by young designers and are now being produced by people re­tur­ning to the labour market, who are sup­por­ted by the “Being To­ge­the­r” Fo­un­da­tion. The Wel­lDo­ne® products are of excellent quality, unique design and at attractive prices, additionally providing each buyer with an opportunity to do something good.

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 16 x 11 x 14.6 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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Sold by WellDone® Dobre Rzeczy

Comments and Questions

  1. WellDone

    There are 13 coasters :
    2- small : fi 8cm
    2- medium : fi 10cm
    9 – big : fi 11cm

    Best Regards
    Laura A.

  2. Emily

    What is the diameter of the individual coasters? How many felt coasters are included?

  3. (verified owner)

    Where can I find delivery times to Belgium?

  4. Mark Studholme

    I must say. This is the best gift / present you can buy someone who has an affinity for farm life and the countryside. I bought it for my mum and she loved it.

  5. Daniela Pereira

    Hello, I just bought one sheep pad in the market at De Hallen but when I came home realized the box was empty. My receipt number is #3023-2720-000166. Would you please be so kind to send the product to my home address? Please email me thanks!

  6. Antoine Vandendriessche

    kunnen producten in Amsterdam opgehaald worden om verzendingskosten te vermijden?

  7. Francesca

    Hallo! How much the shipping for USA? Thanks!

    • WellDone

      Hello, The shipping cost depend how much product you order. The price for one Sheepad is 20 USDollar. The shippment to USA takes 4-7 weeks becouse of custom-house ect.

  8. Francesca

    Hallo! How much the shipping for US? Thanks!

  9. Tinne (verified owner)

    Hi, my order arrived, but the invoice isn’t on my company details. Can you make a new invoice please? Can you please send me an e-mail on so I can send you the correct details?

  10. Tinne (verified owner)

    Hello, I just placed an order for 5 sheepads, as gifts to my customers. Is it possible to receive an invoice with VAT on my purchase?

    • WellDone

      Yes of course. But we need datas of Your company like NIP number. We are putting the invoices inside the parcel. WellDone Team

    • Tinne (verified owner)

      Ok, no problem. Can I send the details to you by mail? Can you send me a mail-address?

  11. marije (verified owner)

    Hello! I placed an order the 9th of december for this item. When can i expexted this Sheepad????

  12. Mathieu (verified owner)

    Hello, I placed an order yesterday for this item. I would need the product by end of next week in Belgium, can you please confirm this will be the case?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • WellDone

      Because we need to record the orders the next Shippment will be on Thuesday the 15th of December. It should be in Belgium untill Friday.


  13. Daniel

    I just tried to purchase these but Australia was not a shipping option so I was unable to proceed. How do I purchase and ship to Australia?

  14. carol lorraine

    What are the coasters made of?

    • WellDone

      The coasters are made from grey felt.


      Marzena Łybko

    • carol lorraine

      Is the felt 100% wool or is it an artificial fibre?

    • carol lorraine

      Is the felt 100% wool or is it acrylic?

    • WellDone

      For coasters we use the Technical Felt. It is a product made ​​from natural wool fibers with a small addition of other fibers. The content of these components allows the material’s use for specific technical conditions as well as providing treatment, compression, tension, and makes it more resistant to heat.

      WellDone Team

  15. WellDone

    Yes, we ship WellDone to Australia, Canada and USA.The biggest coaster is fi 11cm , medium 10cm and the smallest 8,5cm.Regards.Laura, WellDone

    • Daniel


      I just tried to purchase these but Australia was not a shipping option so I was unable to proceed. How do I purchase and ship to Australia?

  16. Daniel

    Hi, do you ship to Australia? And what are the dimensions of the coasters?

  17. Tanya Docheva (verified owner)

    Does it ship to Canada and USA?

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