SHELL COLLECTION Rubber Baskets-Vases

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Product Description

Colourful, friendly and happy, TÊTE DE BOIS SHELL COLLECTION are baskets, recipients and vases for every use. Made of EVA RUBBER, they’re: • washable • atoxic • UV resistant • soft-touch • flexible • light weight • recyclable They come in 4 ADJUSTABLE SIZES: S, M, L, XL. The coulisse allows you to modulate the opening based on what you want to contain. You can use them to contain any kind of object in any interior and exterior space: food, magazines, plants, toys, firewood and whatever you want. For example: SIZES S-M are suitable for FOOD (bread, fruits etc); SIZES M-L are perfect WINE-BEER GLACETTE to keep fresh your bottles (M is perfect for 1 wine bottle and L for 3 wine bottles and more beers). In other words, you can really use TÊTE DE BOIS SHELLS for every application you want. Easy to place in every kind of environment, they are entirely HANDMADE IN ITALY. SIZE S Dimensions: D 32 x H 12 cm Weight: 0,3 kg SIZE M Dimensions: D 40 x H 20 cm Weight: 0,5 kg SIZE L Dimensions: D 46 x H 25 cm Weight: 1,0 kg SIZE XL Dimensions: D 60 x H 30 cm Weight: 1,5 kg 6 MATT COLOURS: • Green • Orange • Yellow • Brown • Light Gray • Dark Gray

How Its Made

TÊTE DE BOIS SHELL COLLECTION is the result of the application of a particular kind of rubber, the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate known as EVA, generally used in different fields (medical, scholastic and athletic). The italian rubber, produced in Tuscany, comes in big sheets that we hand cut and assemble with the leather string and the coulisse.

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