SIMUL2 | felt, coathook and mirror

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Product Description

SIMUL 2 The lightgrey felt, the coatrack in Sky Blue and the mirror together make a dynamic combination. Designer Sjoerd Jonkers ; “This SIMUL set brings life to any interior. Both an office and a bedroom could benefit from this combination”. Elements : PentaHook SkyBlue, PentaMirror Silver, PentaCoustic LightGrey. Setprice 62,- Single elements 66,- Fix multiple SIMUL 2 together to cover a large surface. Dimensions surface as shown 55 cm x 45 cm Simul This name was chosen for a reason, the Latin simul is where the English simultaneous was derived from. The Simul collection consists out of carefully selected Valence elements. Together the form, color and functionality add up to what we like to call functional wallart. Designer Sjoerd Jonkers personally curated the simul to match both the needs and styles of various people. When you have found the Simul that fits your interior project you can always add single elements from the vast Valence collection.

How Its Made

Valence The Valence studio is situated in Amsterdam. We design and make new elements within the Valence wallsystem. We try to limit ourselves to 4 new products per year, but sometimes we find it very hard to choose… This means there is always something new to add to your interior! The input from users is a big inspiration. Share your projects or suggestions #valencewallsystem Many solid (3D) elements are handmade in our own studio. MarbleArt or Concrete elements or the assembly of the various wallclocks. Polygon (2D) elements are usually made with the lasercutter. Together with our partners we work on various interiorprojects. Together with the customer we could make a special design for a hotel, bar, office and many more. We love to do bespoke products, sometimes this leads to new elements in the collection.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 x 45 x 3 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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