SKINNY PAL [v1] pendulumshelf

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Product Description

A pendulum®shelf is not just another shelving option for your wall. It could be a shelf – but also a wardrobe, a desk, a cabinet, and so much more. No matter which pendulum®configuration you have — you have a colorful product that will always remain changeable. For pendulum®shelf is designed to enable you to make changes to all existing parts of it, or even extend it and add more parts if you wish. Beyond all this, the outstanding quality of pendulum®shelf for expressing your habits and lifestyle should be mentioned here! Its a lifelong funiture solution.

How Its Made

We strongly focus on local production and handcrafted materials. The wooden parts, such as the racks, clothing rails, drawers, and table-tops are in solid birch wood that is oiled (birch wood as the standard wood-choice); pre hand-knotted ropes (to hang the different parts from the wall); and rackholders in stainless steel or copper (to fix and to adjust positions of all parts). For some configurations, we even add handmade textile-elements, created and crafted by textile designer Debora Däubl, located in Vienna, Austria. The weight of a complete pendulum®shelf package is around 6-18kg, depending on the pendulum®configuration.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 130 x 15 x 115 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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