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Slim Shelf

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Product Description

Slim Shelf is a neat shelf for kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere else in a house. It can serve to store herbs, oil essences or soap for example. The ash wood holders of Slim Shelf can be fastened at the wall by an inserted hanger bolt and an added plug. In case of a tiled wall you can place the holder right at a crossing of joints. You can also choose between 40 or 45 cm for the width of Slim Shelf so it will line up with pretty much every tiling. As a result the overall width of Slim Shelf is 43 and 48 cm respectively due to the diameter of the wooden holders. The holders also have a groove in which the shelf can be inserted. Please note that the hanger bolt and plug are only suitable for solid walls (at least 4 cm / 1.5″ of solid material). Please contact us in case you intend to mount them to hollow walls.

How Its Made

Slim shelf has a laser-cut, powder coated steel plate. The holders of this product are off-cuts from ash wood broom handles. The wooden holders are simply cut. The 3,2 mm width of the saw enables the 3 mm steel to slide in neatly.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 48 x 12 x 3 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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Comments and Questions

  1. Thomas van Mens

    Hallo, ik zie in de omschrijving verschillende maten voor de breedte maar het is mij niet duidelijk wat nu de breedte van het plankje? Alvast bedankt, Thomas

    • Reinier

      Voor het stalen plankje kunt kiezen tussen 40 en 45 cm breed. Met de houten houders erbij opgeteld komt de totale breedte dan op resp. 43 en 48 cm. Vriendelijke groet, Reinier