StammSitz Kids Wardrobe

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Product Description

THE GREAT WARDROBE FOR SMALL EXPLORERS. With seating bench. OUTDOOR-ADVENTURE-FUN INCLUDED: Kids are born stick-collectors. They just love it. They can search and find the 4 branches required for StammSitz all by themselves and put them into place in the provided holders. The carried-home branches then work as hangers where jackets, pants, hats etc. can proudly be stored away. But StammSitz also carries shoes & boots: Two sturdy shelves provide space for footgear of all kinds. GETTING DRESSED MADE EVEN SIMPLER: To simplify dressing, StammSitz provides an additional bench on the upper board. You are free to choose whether on the left or right hand side of the coat-hook-branches. TOUGH, SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL FUN: Thanks to the special surface of the material (a transparent melamin-coating), StammSitz stoically endures wet garments and muddy soles, while at the same time the beautiful natural wood grain is maintained. Carefully crafted in Germany from glazed, tox-tested birch-plywood sourced from sustainable Finnish forest management. StammSitz “grows” along. If the jackets get longer: put in a little longer branches. EASY ASSEMBLY: StammSitz is simple to assemble. It is “down-to-earth” and does not require wall-mounting. All assembling-material, a small allen key and self-adhesive felt gliders are included. The branches required for functioning as wardrobe are (purposely!) not included, in order to allow the kids the fun and adventure of searching and finding them themselves. And now: Out you go 🙂

How Its Made

StammSitz is made in our home town in the heart of Germany from toxine-tested birch plywood sourced from sustainable Finnish forest management. It’s made strong, tough and durable. The surface is a sturdy transparent melamine coating over a coloured glaze. Therefore, the beatiful natural woodgrain is still visible. All assembling-material, a small allen key and self-adhesive felt gliders are included.

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Dimensions 26.5 x 98 x 79 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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