STAND-UP Herb Flasks

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Product Description

STAND-UP Herb Flasks: Stehauf HERB FLASK – get up and enjoy … … Vata-Ayurveda-tea: Breathe deeply and start your day. … Pitta-Ayurveda-tea: Sharpen your senses. … whatever else the connoisseur’s heart desires. The stand-ups are small vessels for all those things that smell great and add a certain something. Whether for seasoning or herbal tea – they stand to your attention whenever you need them and sway gently once you’re done. Features: 14 × 7 × 7 cm | 240 g | 100 ml volume | made of solid mirror laminated hard wood, three times oiled, borosilicate glass, natural cork

How Its Made

The STAND-UP Herb Flasks are handmade in Germany from borosilikatglass, metal, walnut, ash, oak and cork. Enjoy cooking in a your kitchen with designer products, made with beautiful materials, where a lot of creativity and love has been put into the production. Make sure that your home interior makes you smile and spice them up with the STAND-UP HERB FLASKS!

Weight N/A
Dimensions 15 x 15 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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Comments and Questions

  1. Tanya Docheva

    The flasks are 14 cm high.

  2. Bart Verbruggen

    How high are these flasks?

    • Remco

      Check the details.. “DIMENSIONS 15 x 15 cm”

    • Bart Verbruggen

      .. this has 3 dimensions

    • Tanya Docheva

      Hello Bart, the flasks are 14 cm high.

  3. Lauren Valbert

    Would I be able to receive these before 16 December?

    • Jörg Brachmann

      Hi Lauren, yes of course. My stock is full filled!

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