Steering Basket

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Product Description

Steering Basket is a remarkable and robust solution for the transportation of your groceries and a bag on a more sportive bicycle. The product is a combination of both a handle bar and a shopping basket: the handle bar is so to speak ‘stretched’ to make space for the basket. This product has a firm and robust example of minimal design, that handles very well even when heavily loaded. The dimensions of the basket are well chosen because it fits your laptop bag and daily groceries but the compact shape of it prevents hassles when placing the bike in a bicycle rack. The minimal design look fits well on many different bikes. Bare in mind that your bike needs to have the right stem, since only the ahead system is suitable for mounting the Steering Basket. No problem if your bike has a traditional stem, it’s quite simple for you or your bike shop to replace the stem and mount this Steering Basket. More information about the stem and mounting can be found on our website:

How Its Made

Steering Basket is manufactured by the Dutch company, Steco, well known in the Dutch bicycle industry. It is a family business that has over 85 years of experience in manufacturing bicycle parts like carriers and fenders.

Dimensions 54 x 48 x 17 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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