T.moon table lamp


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Product Description

A single light source which emanates intense and bright rays: Luna is the focal point of the In-es.artdesign lighting collection. The Luna design contains varied nuances and sensations. The Nebulite, material that has been developed specifically for In-es.artdesign’s collections, emphasizes the atmospheric and evocative lighting of the lamp. Even the shape evokes the celestial body, reproducing it in any vein, just like having a small personal moon. The T.moon table lamp comes in 3 sizes: (T.moon micro)Ø 18 cm, (T.moon 1)Ø 25 cm, (T.moon 2)Ø 35 cm. We suggest to use LED bulbs (not supplied).

How Its Made

In-es.artdesign started as a new creative project in the Italian industrial scene in 2003. Art and design for interiors (in) and exteriors (es), light and shadow become one, to give shape to lamps and elements for the decoration of interiors and exteriors. Today the company is recognized on an international level in the field of decorative illumination like the Luna 2 Pendant Light Part of the production is composed of a limited edition of unique pieces, where the designer/artist transforms selected pieces from the collection with specific artistic interventions. A revolutionary concept, distant from the traditional rules of Industrial Design and from handcraft, realized through the innovative figure of the artist/designer. A distinctive trait of the firm is the careful attention to the details, and to the selection of the materials. Each product goes through a strict quality control to guarantee its excellence. All the products are conceived by the artist/ designer Oçilunam, a dynamic and global mind. His research on esthetics is based on the importance of the element of light as matter, shape and symbol.

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Comments and Questions

  1. Francesca Aielli

    Hello Toby,
    here is the requested information: E14 (max 8w CFL) rec. LED 5w (E12 if you live in the US/Canada)
    Best Regards

  2. Toby Tongue (verified owner)

    What bulb should fit in a T.moon micro Ø 18 cm ?

  3. Tanya Docheva

    Does the product fit the USA adaptor?

    • Francesca Aielli

      Hello Tanya, yes, it does.

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