Totem Angular Bookcase Cubes

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Product Description

Totem Angular Bookcase Cubes are made for displaying your life full of treasures. Nicolette de Waart’s Totem Angular Bookcase Cubes create responsive spaces to house the books, ornaments, pictures and memories of your life. The modular design and angled edge, pulling the cube forward into an irregular form, create intriguing possibilities for storage and display. The units – floorstanding, wall-mounted or in room divider form – can stack up or across, in symmetrical rank, or asymmetrical patterns. London-based Nicolette says: “Bookcases have evolved from simply housing books, becoming also a reflection of who people are, and the special things they have in their lives. I wanted to combine the function of storing books with the idea of a cabinet of curiosities. The shape allows people to mix and match the unit of display, putting their own creativity into the process’. The price displayed is for one cube.

How Its Made

Totem Angular Bookcase Cubes is a Design by Nico product. Design by Nico products are handmade by craftsmen in the UK, and combine traditional techniques and materials with new technologies and forms, responding to our modern age and housing needs. Nicolette’s materials range from high-quality Kvadrat wool (for her Leaf Seats and Dangerous Animals cushions, for example) to solid and durable elements such as metal, oak and Corian (which feature together in her Corian/Oak Writing Desk). She is committed to using sustainable materials in her work and is involved in every stage of the production process, ensuring that the end result always meets her exacting standards. She sources production and craftsmen in the UK for processes which include traditional metal casting, joinery and sheet metal work.

Dimensions 35 x 35 x 35 cm(Length x Width x Height)
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United Kingdom

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Comments and Questions

  1. Daniel

    How many cubes do you get for £140 ?

    • nicolette

      Thank you for your interest in the Totem. For GBP 140 you will get one. For your reference a set of 4 is GBP 549. If you require more prices please let me know. Thank you

  2. Tanya Docheva

    Is the quoted price per unit of 3-4 cubes? How does it work exactly? Thank you.

    • nicolette

      Dear Tanya, the visible price is per unit but if you scroll down the menu it gives you price and colour options for more Totems.

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