Unique Spices Board

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Product Description

Unique Spices Board is a kitchen accessory for those who value cooking, preparing and serving the food moments. Unique Spices Board brings fresh herbs to the table in a sophisticated manner. Until now, you needed a chopping board, a knife and some herbs. With Unique Spices Board you have an ideal solution by flavoring your food with fresh herbs at the dinner table right away. This kitchen accessory truly offers all sorts of solutions for preparing, serving and enjoying the food. Follow directions when baking, cook with your own taste and make truly good food with fresh herbs and with Unique Spices Board every day. Features: 46 × 22 × 8 cm | 2,5 kg | cutting board made of solid laminated wood, three times oiled | chopping knife made of chrome steel (stainless steel) | 3 pots made of Bürgeler Keramik with an 8,5 cm inside ­diameter | with non-slip rubber

How Its Made

Unique Spices Board  is handmade of oak, ceramic and chrome steel. Further details of Unique Spices Board: Size: 46 cm x 22 cm x 8 cm, pots d- 8,5 cm Weight: 3,0 kg

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 46 x 22 x 8 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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Comments and Questions

  1. Jörg Brachmann

    DHL sold me approx. 6 days! Greetings from Germany.

  2. Jörg Brachmann

    Hi Liz, I will ask crowdy house for you to make the shippment posible. Have a nice weekend and greetings to hongkong. Jörg

  3. Jörg Brachmann

    Hi Liz, of cause we ship to hongkong. But please notice 5kg cost 66 EUR and it needs approx. 6 days. Have a nice day, maybe till later. Jörg

    • Liz

      i want to buy this, Unique Spices Board 🙂 but when i go to my cart, i cannot choose hong kong for my shipping country, so how i suppose to pay the right shipping fee? thankss!!

    • Liz

      Thank you so much!! and i wanna ask that the shipment to hong kong will gonna take around how many days?:) thxx

  4. Liz

    HI My name is Liz, I’m from hong kong. i do really like this design, and wanna know is it possible to ship to hong kong? 🙂 thanks!!

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