Urban Nomad Revisited


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Product Description

The design of the Urban Nomad revisited is the result of playing with the simplicity of material and function. Also this edition offers everything you need as an Urban Nomad. On the desktop you find storage for your pen and pencils, for your mobile phone and a board where you can put on notes. Under the desktop you find electricity device to recharge your mobile phone and your laptop. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions considering the shipping costs outside The Netherlands.

How Its Made

The ‘Urban Nomad Revisited’ is handmade in our studio in Amsterdam. It’s the newest chapter of the series of mobile working stations. The used materials are underlayment, painted wood, steel and a bike wheel.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 146 x 60 x 77 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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Sold by STUDIO Isabel Quiroga

Comments and Questions

  1. Isa

    hello, but the desk can’t be shipped without extra costs. it’s also mentioned with shipping cost. i just checked it.
    best, isabel.

  2. litago.g@gmail.com

    good afternoon,
    In reality, we would be interested in not having to pay more money for the shipment.
    the shipment to spain will be quite expensive…
    With which company do you send the orders to France?
    The transport company will have warehouses or offices to store the merchandise.
    I could get in touch with them and go to the place they tell me to pick up the table
    we live in san sebastian a 10 minutes from france
    so if the online shop permit to sent the table to france without extra cost we prefer that option

  3. litago.g@gmail.com

    we are interested in this product but we life in spain and it seems that it is not possible to send it to spain, but i try and it is possible to send to france we life near so I dont know if will be posible to send somewhere in france, like THE POST in hendaya for example or another transport agency like DHL in france and then will will go there to pick it up.

    • Isa

      hello gorka,

      yes, we can send it to spain. but the shippingcosts are extra. if you send me the adress i could request a price for you.
      warm regards, isabel.

  4. sonja_kopf@web.de

    Hallo Isa,

    wenn die Platte 180 Grad gedreht würde, wäre es super. Wie gehe ich bei der Bestellung jetzt vor, damit ich den “richtigen“ Schreibtisch nach München bekomme?


    Viele Grüsse,


    • Isa

      Hallo Sonja,

      bitte schicke mir dir Lieferadresse, dann kann ich eben nachfragen was für Transportkosten anfallen. Dafür benötige ich die komplette Adresse.

      Mit besten Grüssen,Isa.

  5. sonja_kopf@web.de

    Is it possible to install the wheel on either side or is it fixed?

    • Isa

      Hallo Sonja,

      wir könnten die Schreibtischplatte auch 180 grad gedreht montieren. das wäre kein Problem.

      Mit besten Grüssen, Isabel.

    • Isa

      Betreffend den Transportkosten kann ich Ihnen ganz unverbindlich einen Kostenvoranschlag zukommen lassen, wenn Sie mir die Zustellungsadresse schicken.

  6. Silvana Acosta

    is the lamp and the pen holders included?

    • Isa

      Yes, it’s all included 🙂

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