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Product Description

MonoClock The subtility of this handmade clock is derived from it’s origin. In our Valence studio in Amsterdam we use only the finest materials. The wooden clocks are made in oak or beechwood. Concrete or MarbleArt clocks are moulded from a special lightweight synthetic material that is enriched with minerals. That is why each MonoClock has it’s own drawing. Since they are so leightweight you can stick them to the wall, there is no need to drill and screw. Available colors are Concrete Light Grey, Dark Grey and MarbleArt. Thanks to the distinct shape of the MonoClock you can make endless combinations with other products from this wallsystem. Valence brings a choiche of functionalities in geometrical shapes that together form a colorfull walldecoration. Nevertheless, you can always use the MonoClock standalone. MONO The 6-sided mono is the basic form within the Valence wallsystem. A Mono will fit the palm of your hand and is easily combined with Tri and Penta elements. The geometric shapes form an interesting line pattern on the wall while also maintaining a certain tranquility in the interior.

How Its Made

Design and made in the Netherlands. Material : Oak, beech, Moulding resin enriched with minerals. Battery not included. Fix : Use double sided tape or kit/glue which can be easily removed. (Not included. Order seperately with Valence or visit your local DIY store. ) Valence studio The Valence studio is situated in Amsterdam. We design and make new elements within the Valence wallsystem. We try to limit ourselves to 4 new products per year, but sometimes we find it very hard to choose… This means there is always something new to add to your interior! The input from users is a big inspiration. Share your projects or suggestions #valencewallsystem Many solid (3D) elements are handmade in the Valence studio in Amsterdam. MarbleArt or Concrete elements or the assembly of the various wallclocks. Polygon (2D) elements are usually made with the lasercutter. Together with our partners we work on various interiorprojects. Together with the customer we could make a special design for a hotel, bar, office and many more. We love to do bespoke products, sometimes this leads to new elements in the collection. Corporate social responsibility Products and resources from the Valence wallsystem are relatively easy to recycle. The circular economy is one of the sources of inspiration for the design of Valence products. Most parts of the collection are made in the Netherlands. Therefore it is easy to check the quality and sustainability of our suppliers. All products are assembled in Amsterdam creating local jobs. The flat design is very important to minimise the ecological footprint in packaging and transportation.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 3 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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