Wall rack: Fency Package Roomie (pressed pallet)

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Product Description

The FENCY is the latest addition to our collection. It is a simple storage unit with great possibilities. The steel frames are waste materials of a fence factory. After receiving a fresh powder coat and several wooden shelves these fences are well equipped for a new adventure. FENCY comes in different sizes and colours and is waiting for you to be equipped with shelves, hooks and magnets. 
: Wall rack (80×80 cm)
, 2 x shelves double,
 1 x shelf single, 
1 x shelf Perspex single
, fastening hooks.

How Its Made

Tolhuijs Design is a sustainable design company in Amsterdam. Each of our products has its own story. They are tales about sustainability, waste material and social design. The TOLHUIJS style is characterised by playful creations that you can customise to suit your home. ~Upcycling Every day, factories throw out waste material that could be put to new use. Transforming waste materials into new products of better quality is called ‘upcycling’ and, here at TOLHUIJS, we are big fans. By using these cast offs we save raw and building materials and, after giving them a fabulous make over, we send them back into the work where you can put them to new use.

 ~Responsible entrepreneurship 
 We collaborate with Dutch prisons and social workshops. This way, we create jobs and learning opportunities for people could use a bit of help. ~Design First
 The quality and the beauty of our designs have priority over all else. Our style is characterised by modern and playful creations that you can customise to get the perfect functionality for your space.

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