‘Water is not enough…’ Canvas

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Product Description

Himitsuhana in collaboration with Mineheart In this portrait by Himitsuhana a young lady washes at the side of a babbling brook, dressed in luxurious velvets and taffeta, we can see this is no servant girl. Cherubs and landscape are glimpsed in the background. This picture is a modern twist on the traditional pastoral portraits of the 18th century when landed gentry were depicted outside in their pleasure gardens and grottos. The deep aquamarine blues and greens of the dress and flowing water suggest that this painting would be perfect for creating a focal point in a bathroom.

How Its Made

Printed Frame dimensions:​ Small 813mm x 660mm x 40mm Medium 1270mm x 1016mm x 40mm Large 1727mm x 1372mm x 46mm Delivery time 1 to 2 weeks for the small size, 2 to 3 for the medium and large size. Real Wooden Frame dimensions: Small: 750mm high x 650mm wide Medium: 1158mm high x 904mm wide Large: 1362mm high x 1056mm wide Delivery time 3 to 4 weeks for all sizes.

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