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WATERWORKS plant-watering system

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Product Description

WATERWORKS plant-watering system is a hydration system that makes caring for your houseplants incredibly easy. A set consists of a partly glazed terra-cotta cone and a glass bulb with cork stopper. After the terra-cotta cone is placed near the roots of the plant, water will slowly seep through the cones’ porous walls into the soil. The three-step manual: 1. close the top hole in the glass reservoir with the cork (make sure it’s airtight). 2. push the ceramic cone in the soil close to the roots of your potted plant. 3. fill the reservoir with water and place it in the cone – refill when empty. A plants’ demand for water varies depending on the size and type of plant and the current season. Make sure to choose the appropriate cone: less glaze for thirsty/larger plants, and more glaze for smaller plants and/or plants that don’t need a lot of water.

How Its Made

WATERWORKS plant-watering system is one of the first consumer products that was successfully crowdfunded via a Dutch Crowdfund platform (Dutch Design Starter). All parts of the Waterworks-sets are finished and collected in the HOUSE OF THOL studio in the Netherlands, where they’re thoroughly checked and securely packaged by hand before being sent to stores and consumers around the world. The terracotta cones were 3d-printed to produce molds, and are now slipcasted, glazed and baked in the House of Thol studio in the Netherlands. The glass reservoirs are handblown by an extremely skilled manufacturer in India. The corks are from Portugal (of course), and the fitted tube is added in the studio to increase the durability of the natural cork.

Dimensions 17 x 17 x 12 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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