Wooden Bow Tie – Limited Editions


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Product Description

Wood is a durable, natural and beautiful material to work with.  Imbued into the grain of a piece of wood is the unique identity of the tree that grew it, making every bow-tie special. With our Wooden Bow Tie, we offer a choice of four different types of wood in combination with a selection of several fine fabrics. The fabric is not only used for wrapping the wood, it also functions as an adjustable strap. Therefore you will not find an elastic band on the backside, but a classic bow-tie closure, completely handmade. In short, a nod to classic garments. Made to give your outfit just that little extra touch.

How Its Made

All our Wooden Bow Tie are handmade. We start with a large piece of wood and cut it into small planks with the right thickness. We then use a laser cutting machine to cut out the right shape for each Wooden Bow Tie. The rough wood is then fully sanded by hand to get rid of the sharp edges and to create nice and smooth curvatures. Afterwards the wood is treated with oil and left to dry, waiting to be wrapped in one of the colorful fabrics. The adjustable straps are also made by hand. The fabric is cut into the right size, ironed and the closing is sewn to each strap. Finally each wood is wrapped in a small piece of fabric, to which the strap is attached.

Dimensions 11 x 4 cm(Length x Width x Height)
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