WooDOG – Minimalist oak wood dog figurine sculpture

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Product Description

WooDog is a minimalist and abstract wooden decorative dog figure which has only three legs. Material: Oak Wood & No artificial coating Dimensions: 16 cm (height) x 12 cm (width) x 16 cm (depth) 6.3 inch (height) x 4.7 inch (width) x 6.3 inch (depth) WooDog is made out of oak wood which is processed locally on a lathe machine. The Story The product is inspired by a real street dog that has only three legs. The disabled muse of this product made the overall form minimal and its structure very unique. Much like the BauFolk figurines, WooDog figures also reflect the geometric essentialism of the Bauhaus movement. They are elegant and artistic enough to be labeled as Art objects, yet they are hip, urban and contemporary enough to be labeled as Designer toy / Art doll / Collectible Art pieces. WooDog’s geometric and expressive looks can bring life to any creative interior. It can be used as a fun and cozy decor feature in a home or an office; on a work desk or on a bookshelf. It is also great gift items because of their emotional, intellectual standpoint, minimal size and price.

How Its Made

WooDOG is made out of oak wood which is processed locally on a lathe machine. After the wooden blanks are created for each individual figurine, the blanks were processed on a lathe machine and turns into perfect spheres. Then the sphere is drilled from different angles to accommodate the legs. Lastly legs are turned on the lathe machine and then inserted to the spherical body. Materials: Oak wood & No artificial coating

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 16 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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