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Woodstack Firewood Holder Single

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Product Description

The Woodstack Firewood Holder is made of iron. Each rack: 72 cm high 26,5 cm deep (inner size 20 cm) 43,5 cm wide powdercoated black iron Woodstack Firewood Holder can be used as one, or linked together horizontally- or vertically. Can be used free standing or screwed to the wall. Create the woodshed you need. Use it indoors or outside. A Woodstack consists of 12 loose parts and wil be shipped as a flat parcel. The rack is easy to assemble. A Woodstack weighs 6.5 kg. The price includes bolts and nuts.

How Its Made

The Woodstack Firewood Holder is made of iron and consists of 12 sections. Easy to assemble.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 26 x 43 x 72 cm(Length x Width x Height)



Sold by Daddys Brand

Comments and Questions

  1. Alex Zito

    If you buy a single, can you stack it with another one at a later date (to create a double or triple if you need more storage)?

    • Marian

      Hi Alex, thanks for your interest in our Woodstack. It will be no problem to order one or more Woodstacks later on. We’ll make sure that our products are of a constant hight quality with the same steel thickness and coating.

  2. Mark Studholme

    Super cool design.

    • Marian

      Thanks Mark, you make Daddy proud!

  3. Hans

    Mooi rek!

    • Ohad Gilad (verified owner)

      nice design. just got it in ! thanks

    • Marian

      Thanks Ohad, keep the fire burning!

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