Zack³ Beech Plywood Skill Game

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Product Description

Zack³ Beech Plywood Skill Game is an intergenerational skill game that is playable with 2-4 people. It trains both the cognitive and the motoric senses. The aim of the game is to score as many points. To start two stars are plugged into each other. Now only one hand may be used to place another star in one of the openings. A point there will be put through another star.If you put through an opening so that another star is blocked and can not be pulled out, you get two points. If you put it in a star or even more from the tower back out, you get a minus point per star. If the whole tower falls over or more than four stars fall, the game is over and the offender gets five penalty points. The player with the most points wins the game. Zack³ Beech Plywood Skill Game comes in a jute bag. One set contains 64 stars, a jute sack, and a user manual.

How Its Made

Zack³ Beech Plywood Skill Game is entirely laser-cut from 4mm beech plywood. We manufacture all our products in manufactory work ourselves or have them finished in the regional craft businesses.  



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